Grader Service LLC is an Estonian company, based on private capital and established in 1992.  Our main activity is producing of cutting edges for snow plows, graders and dozers. Also we’re producing cutting edges for excavator and loader buckets. Company have capacity to fulfill the need of customers from Estonia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland. Thanks to our parent company Olofsfors AB, our production is available also in USA and Canada. Grader Service makes the cutting adges from boron-steel (mainly supplied from Sweden), and due thermical threatment the blades gets the hardness 45…50 HRC. This optimal hardness and impact strenght gives to our producs long lasting work cycle. Especially cost effective are carbide cutting edges and dowels. We have also an option to make the special products follow Your drawings and specific needs. As we have CNC plasma cutting unit, we can provide to our customers any metal detail they need.

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